It's all about the love

It's our essence to embrace the diversity of nature, to celebrate women in all skin tones and all body shapes, because every single one is truly beautiful. Our artwork aims to transmit gentleness and peace, acceptance and inclusivity. We want women to feel beautiful, strong, vulnerable, sensitive, safe and above all seen.


Andrea Kollar molding woman vase


All our ceramic vases are handmade in a small and charming studio in Vienna – with a lot of love!

  • »Your artwork transmits softness and peace, inclusivity and acceptance. I love the proud, curvy women.«

    Sidonie, Barcelona

  • »It reminds me everyday that woman‘s body is a temple no matter the size and shape.«

    Lin, USA

  • »I will always remember to take care of myself everytime I look at  Gabriela, she means self-love to me.«

    A love letter from Tokyo

  • »Your artwork is reminding oneselves that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and to love it no matter what.«

    Churchit, Australia

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