Andrea Kollar portrait with woman vase


Andrea Kollar is an Austrian born artist. Creating is what her soul needs so she studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and graduated in 2008. Her visual language is defined by reducing the shapes of the female body to a minimum of lines and shapes while intensifying sensuality and expression. Experimenting with different techniques, she keeps her focus on simplicity and reduction.

Photography by wonderful Michael Rottmann

Andrea Kollar portrait with big porcelain woman vase


Our principles? We value love, self-love and love for our ­surroundings.It's our essence to embrace the diversity of nature, to celebrate women in all skin tones and all body shapes, because every single one is truly beautiful. Our artwork aims to transmit gentleness and peace, acceptance and inclusivity. We want women to feel beautiful, strong, vulnerable, sensitive, safe and above all seen. We see ourselves as part of a global movement: women who support each other to realize their dreams and change the world. We are all connected, we are all one and every woman is a goddess in her own way. The world is ours!

To love nature in all its facets, it is essential to get quiet with ourselves and listen to what mother earth has to say to us – and then follow her path. Being a part of nature also means loving it, protecting it and living in harmony with it. We want to keep our planet livable, and commit ourselves to take care of it.

Let's do all this together. 

Andrea Kollar and Hermann Seiser producing porcelain woman vases in studio


Our ceramic vases are handmade in a small ceramic studio in Vienna. This keeps our supply chain minimally short because we design and manufacture directly on location. Long transport routes are therefore not necessary. Of course, we also make sure that everyone in our supply chain is paid fairly. Producing on site allows us to get in touch with everyone involved at any time and directly see how everyone is doing, how the production is going and get together to solve the challenges there are. We always produce in small editions and with natural materials, so that there are as far as possible no waste products. We strive to keep the consumption of resources low.


For us, sustainability is a holistic concept that should be applied in all areas. We ship climate neutral. And instead of plastic-based packaging we use recycled cardboard, we print only on recycled paper with environmentally friendly inks. 

Andrea Kollar raku vases manufacture


For every product sold, we plant a tree together with TreeSisters.org. Trees keep the ecosystem in balance in the long run, filter carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help us keep the earth cool. We also regularly donate to NGOs like Amazon Watch, Greenpeace and Peta because we think their work is essential and we want to show them our appreciation. We think this should be a matter of course. 

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Andrea Kollar molding woman vase


Our vases and drawings are created to make you happy as long as possible. Therefore it is self-evident, that we give everything to make our artworks as beautiful, high-quality and durable as possible.

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