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Our incense holder »Erika« is handcrafted in Vienna by the artist Andrea Kollar in cooperation with the Austrian ceramic artist Hermann Seiser. She is named after the wonderful and wise Erika Freeman who was born in Vienna in 1927, emigrated to the USA and now lives alternately in Austria and New York. Erika is a world-renowned psychoanalyst and believes that no one is ever too old, too young or too insignificant to change the world.

Our Erika is relaxation in person and she knows that you can only change the world with calmness and serenity.

The limited Raku series is handcrafted in Austria by the artist Andrea Kollar in cooperation with Lea and Simone from Studio Kiru who created their very own unique style of Raku.

Material: Stoneware clay

In Raku process, the vases are brought to a very high temperature, and then placed in containers with organic materials, where they are embraced by fire. As a result, the glaze can have all kinds of unevenness: cracks (called craquelé), run-off glaze, dots, black spots, etc. We intend these effects to happen, which makes each raku piece a unique one.

Please note that Raku is porous, and that this »Erika« is intended for dry use only; for example, dried flowers.

Height: approx. 15 cm I 5.9 inches 

With each product purchased our ladies get even more sisters: TreeSisters! 🌿

For every product purchased, one tree is planted. We are deeply grateful that we can support reforestation, fight climate change and support women at the same time – together with