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Our »Gabriela« does emit this incredible relaxation and inner peace for a special reason: she was named after a wonderful woman who lights up every room she enters. Just like her, »Gabriela« has this laid-back nature – that way she is always reminding us how good it feels to slow down every once in a while and practice calmness.

The woman vase »Gabriela« is handcrafted in Vienna by the artist Andrea Kollar in cooperation with the Austrian ceramic artist Hermann Seiser.

This vase is part of a special edition to honor nature in all its facets, to celebrate diversity and embrace it. We are grateful for every shape, every color and every texture that each individual body has. They are all wonderful! Each piece in this series is completely unique and not reproducible, just like every individual woman. Thank you, mother nature!

This is a tribute to the magnificence of women.

Material: glazed porcelain, with a specially created glaze

Height: approx. 16 cm I 6.29 inches


With each product purchased our ladies get even more sisters: TreeSisters! 🌿

For every product purchased, one tree is planted. We are deeply grateful that we can support reforestation, fight climate change and support women at the same time – together with