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»Mary« is named after the brilliantly clever Mary Jackson, who made major contributions as an aerospace engineer. It’s her smartness that shapes her. For our little ceramic »Mary« small is beautiful is more than a lifestyle. It is her attitude to life. You often find the greatest joy in the little things.

The woman vase »Mary« is handcrafted in Vienna by the artist Andrea Kollar in cooperation with the Austrian ceramic artist Hermann Seiser.

This is a tribute to the magnificence of women.

Material: glazed porcelain, with a specially created glaze that has a matte appearance. Every single porcelain lady is made by hand and so every piece looks completely unique, which also means that the actual color and appearance may differ slightly from the color shown. It's in the nature of the material that sometimes there are lighter and darker areas, different tones or dots. These differences are intentional and are meant to celebrate diversity.

Height: approx. 14 cm I 5.5 inches

Marilyn and Mary are the two smaller of the sisters vases, Mathilde and Michelle the bigger ones. 

With each product purchased our ladies get even more sisters: TreeSisters! 🌿

For every product purchased, one tree is planted. We are deeply grateful that we can support reforestation, fight climate change and support women at the same time – together with